Ride or Die

Ride or Die




About Ride or Die


“Ride or Die” is PLS&TY’s newest single release in collaboration with Barbados-born soul singer, Bobby Saint.

Tommy Leas, a Florida native - better known as PLS&TY - is burgeoning into the electronic dance music scene with his unique sound: languid bass, captivating vocals and enough upbeat melodies to make anybody feel good. After a collection of chart topping singles including "Good Vibes" (#1 on iTunes US Electronic Charts), "Down For Me", "Rebel Love (#1 on iTunes US Electronic Charts), and "Motives" (#1 on iTunes US Electronic Charts / Top 25 Billboard Electronic Charts), PLS&TY would see his productions Remixed by Grammy nominated Morgan Page, Rusko, Cazzette, Bondax, YehMe2 (Josh from Flosstradamus latest venture), and more.

His music has amassed over 100 million listens across streaming platforms, and has been placed in nationally airing television commercials, including a Hershey's Chocolate campaign which has been viewed over 1 BILLION times. Prior to “Ride or Die”, PLS&TY kept busy with a 2019 touring season that included A-List electronic festivals Shaky Beats, Breakaway, Electric Forest, EDC Vegas, & more, along with the release of his “Very Special” EP, which included pop records with artists like Sean Kingston, Wifisfuneral, & Alex Aiono (of Netflix’s “Finding Ohana”).

“Ride or Die” is a summertime, feel-good single that encompasses love & romance. Saint’s vocals lead listeners to imagine time spent in tropical paradise with their partner. Now in programmable format on Async Music, users can select alternate variations of the stems that comprise the master track. In this way, the master track dynamically shifts and promotes adventure, like the upbeat tune itself that is “Ride or Die”.

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What is Async Music Classic? Async Music Classic is a curated gallery of 17 diverse & interactive music pieces created by the early innovators in web3 music between April 2021 and February 2022. Interactive music consist of compositions with the ability to change their parameters; the songs in this gallery may sound different each time you come back to listen. This is achieved by breaking down a song into separate layers called Stems. Each Stem has multiple Variants for its new owner to choose from. In this way, a single Async Music Classic track contains many unique combinations of sounds.

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