Jeremy Cowart
Garden of One

Reimagining photography and light

I always felt too abstract for the photography world, yet I also felt too digital for the fine art world. SO the NFT truly home for me.

- Jeremy Cowart

Async Launches 24-Hour feature

We are excited to launch the latest Async Art feature for artists: 24-Hour, on Async the tool which allows creators to mint work efficiently and seamlessly using preconfigured templates to make programmable art more accessible to our community.

And, we’re even more excited to have artist Jeremy Cowart joining us to give Cavas 2.0 its first official try. Here, we dive into Jeremy’s work (you probably already know it!) and the unique process by which he plans to leverage Async 2.0 to distribute “Garden of One.”

On the Artist

You’ve probably heard of Jeremy Cowart — and if not, we are very pleased to introduce you to Huffington Post’s “Most Influential Photographer on the Internet” (named in 2014). He’s an award-winning photographer, artist, and entrepreneur, whose work has been featured globally. Not to mention, Cowart’s portrait list is impressive: Taylor Swift, Sting, Heidi Klum, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, Gwyneth Paltrow, Luke Bryan, the Kardashians, Garth Brooks, Ryan Seacrest, and Carrie Underwood (to name a few).

Select works by Jeremy Cowart
Select works by Jeremy Cowart

The photographer has seen the other side of the camera, too, playing guest roles in ABC’s “Nashville” and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

Even further, he’s authored five books and is a sought-after public speaker, having spoken at TEDx events, photography and tech conferences around the country.

Picture of Jeremy Cowart

Cowart’s bio continues: In 2009, Jeremy founded a global photography movement called Help-Portrait. Since then, nearly half a million portraits have been given away to those in need at events in over 67 countries and every American state. He was awarded the Monte Zucker ‘Humanitarian of the Year’ Award in 2012. Jeremy's humanitarian projects have been featured on as a leading international headline more than once.

His latest endeavor is The Purpose Hotel, a planned global for-profit hotel chain designed to fuel the work of not-for-profit organizations.

Jeremy lives the simple life in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife and four children, two of whom were recently adopted from Haiti.

Needless to say, we couldn’t be more honored to partner with Cowart in giving Async 2.0 its very first official go.

On the Art

“I’ve been a digital artist for 20+ years. I was a painter, then a graphic designer, then a web designer and then a photographer for the majority of my career. I always felt too abstract for the photography world, yet I also felt too digital for the fine art world. So the NFT space, being a merging of fine art and digital, is truly home for me. It just makes sense. Finally I have the perfect space to do what I’ve been doing for two decades.”

Jeremy Cowart in a studio.
Cowart in the studio

His Async piece is a 24-part Lightograph, which he describes as the “evolution of light through a still photograph. It’s a process I’ve explored for years in my studio. I think light can really tell a story and this is a good example of it.”

Select stills from “Garden of One”
Select stills from “Garden of One”

“This piece contains 24 photographs fading in and out of each other. There are 7 different lighting setups that rotate and each photograph has a different colored background. All 24 photos were separately edited as well. The end result isn’t meant to reflect a literal passing of time but an abstract sense that the day is evolving.”

Cowart’s piece, “Garden of One” illustrates its programmability in that it updates each hour (24 hours a day) autonomously, unique to Async Art — and made even more seamless for Async’s creators intending to mint 24-hour autonomously evolving pieces.

On Async

“When I first heard about Async, my jaw dropped because it was the perfect match for the Lightograph. I knew that what I was exploring could evolve over ANY amount of time. But I had never considered specifically timing it to the hours of the day or weather patterns, etc. Then you add the ability to show each layer on its own while still retaining the whole experience.”

Especially now, with the updated functionality of Async, artists like Jeremy can further push the boundary of what living, breathing art looks like. With each day’s 24-hour passing, an artwork can update accordingly.

“Async couldn’t have been a better match for what I’m doing. I truly think evolving art is the future.

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