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ORIGINS: The day before Valentines Day in the year 2020, just one month before a pandemic brought forth a travel ban that would crash global markets, artist Matt Kane held love in his heart for #cryptoart. The artist was spending those days creating artwork for what became Async Art's very first programmable artwork, "First Supper." Among his creative contributions to this artwork including his greenish skinned "Visionary Spirit of Creation," Kane collaborated with fellow artist Mlibty on assets for "I AM THE TABLE," an NFT that Kane claims to still possess. Kane explains, "This particular design went unminted because collaborating with Alotta Money made me extremely insecure about my own Adobe Photoshop skills. Mine were pebbles to his mountain. We were just getting to know one another through the process of this collaboration. In the Discord, I shared my dank design of stacked ETH coins, and asked if anyone with better Photoshop skills wanted to collab on the legs. I didn't directly ask him, not wanting to burden him as I knew he was very busy with CryptoVoxel commissions. My lapse to ask became all the more silly as we became fast friends as the First Supper collaboration continued. With no volunteers, I decided to leave that extra design out of the original table NFT for First Supper. Three years later, when Conlan and Nate reached out to me and explained the concept of Forever Supper, I instantly thought of this unminted table. I've always regretted not including this design in the original table NFT, but as I've come to learn in life, time tends to reveal greater purpose for our pasts."

MINTING THE UNMINTED: 128 variations represent the 128 coins in the original unminted table design: 32 ETH stacked in each leg to represent the required amount to stake a node on the Ethereum blockchain. Like a table, staking is to become the solid foundation on which everyone working on the Ethereum blockchain depends on. It's my hope that that the artwork's variations become ways for collectors to represent their own values as they trade and update their Forever Supper cores to reflect their sentiment toward Ethereum and the market at any given time."

GENERATIVE: "I wrote an algorithm in Processing to stack the coins which make up the legs of the table. Using the concept of the Fear & Greed Index, 50 is the most stable. 0 being the most fearful contains the greatest weaknesses in the structure. 100, being the most greedy has the coins wobbling, almost dancing as greed threatens to unstake the coins to be cashed in. In order to create the unique cover art for each variation, I repurposed an algorithm I was originally working with in early 2020 that I created to test the limits of Async Art in those early days. On a whole, this is a loving tribute to a period of time that has grown to carry meaning into the future for a global audience, as we all continue building and learning."