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The Church of Love

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'Love has no limits' or does it? What if you love someone, that is from a gender, that your government or your church does not allow? What if you love someone, that lives in a country, you can't go to, that has a different social status, skin color or religion? How can you love yourself, if you feel like living in the wrong body? Who decides, what 'true' love is (as long as two or more grown ups agree on this). Does love have any meaning, if it's not filled with action? Can someone 'buy‘ love, is there a shortcut to become loved?

'The Church of Love' tries to deal with all this questions and is part of an ongoing series of OG crypto-artist Shortcut, in which he explores all aspects of love as the main force, that makes us human. For this work he collaborated with the young female artist "Apollinariya_arty“. After having a lot of in depth conversations about the power of love and about the impact, that the crypto-art movement had on his own life, he wanted to take action and prove it by introducing her into this space. Much love and thanks a lot in advance for supporting the idea!

Statement from "Apollinariya_arty“: Love in each of its manifestations is for each of us a support under the feet like a warm 'house' in the heart, where you always find your motivation and the meaning of life. In all its different manifestations, it unites many different people with their preferences and views in one goal - to love and to be someone and to be understood.