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The title refers to the art industry in which I am participating in.

I've used all the tools available in my toolbox to create the 9 expansions and populated them with 27 variations.

I played with pieces that were previously un-minted stages of the painting that lead to the 'Looking for Satoshi' Project, I swapped files back and forth between different devices, programs, and platforms; it's a wonder they have held up so well.

The layers that can be found in the expansion packs refer to 'The First Supper,' BTC, my ongoing personal projects (such as Looking For Satoshi & Artificial Intimacy, which are partly inscribed as 1/1 on BTC), and they feature pictures I generated three years ago with ArtBreeder -->

I want to thank the Async team for the incredible tools they keep providing our Art community with over the past three years. They are so far ahead, it sometimes feels as if Async is the futures future.

All the best!


The haiku's are written by ChatGPT, I supplied it with the subject which corresponds with the images.