Living Art in Your Home.

Async Art now supported on Meural.

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Async Art listed as an official partner of Meural

Native Support on Meural

Our first dedicated frame partner for programmable artwork is finally here! Enjoy a curated selection of beautiful, thought-provoking Async artworks in the industry's leading brand hardware.

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Meural canvas featuring Day/Night artwork from Async Art

Automatic Updates

Living, dynamic artwork that changes over time, or with a Layer owner's intent are now supported within a Meural. Track your favorite programmable art and follow its evolution.

Meural canvas featuring dynamic pieces from Async Art

Industry Leading Display Technology

Picture perfect from every angle. On the Meural Canvas and WiFi Photo Frame, art, video and photography are rendered lifelike and textured, thanks to patented image-optimization technology, a customized anti-glare screen and an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness to the environment.

Meural canvas in an apartment featuring dynamic piece Async Art
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Style your space with a digital canvas like no other. Choose from 3 sizes and multiple frame colors to match any interior palette and décor, and transition seamlessly from portrait to landscape orientation to enjoy an unparalleled library of art and your most cherished photographic memories.

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