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In this episode we chat with the dankest artist we know, our good friend Sarah Zucker! Sarah, known by many as “The Sarah Show” is a proud psychonaut, former Jeopardy champion, and exceptionally accomplished artist. Her deeply personal work “merges the gorgeous and grotesque through humor, psychedelia, mysticism, and the interplay of cutting edge and obsolete technologies.”

What we love most about Sarah is that her work is equally at home on Giphy (where it has been viewed billions of times) as it is in world renowned art museums. Sarah’s brilliant weirdness and unique vision speaks to us all!

We cover a lot of territory with Sarah from her participation in “Peer to Peer”, an exhibition at the Buffalo AKG Art Museum, to to her first psychedelic experience. You may know and love Sarah’s work as an artist but here is your chance to get to know her better as the amazing person she is. Sarah is our favorite “one of one” and we’re thrilled to have her on the show!

Before we jump into the interview with Sarah, Sickles and Artnome ask what the impact of the FTX collapse will be on the CryptoArt community and NFT market. Hint… not your storage, not your NFT!

You should absolutely follow Sarah Zucker at @thesarahshow and you can learn more about her super dank work on her website sarahzucker.com.

To keep up with the podcast follow @thedanknessxyz on Twitter. Sickles is on Twitter at @dan_sickles and you can keep up with his amazing documentary at @newherexyz as it evolves. Artnome lives on Twitter at @artnome and his company ClubNFT, which helps collectors protect and discover NFTs, is at @club_nft.

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