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About Danktone 000

Welcome to THE DANKNESS, a new cryptocast with Sickles + Artnome highlighting the artists and collectors behind some of the most beloved CryptoArt creations.

In the inaugural episode, we share our hopes for this podcast. Born out of the most recent bull market, we want to get back to relaxing, being creative, letting our hair down, and having some fun again! Many of us have a hangover from the ultra-manic, speculation-driven madness of 2021-2021. The Dankness is designed to cure that hangover with an offering that is intentionally experimental and designed to show the more human side of the many amazing participants in the NFT community.

While some of you may know us, episode zero is designed to give a bit of our background and to introduce ourselves to those of you we haven’t met yet (welcome!). Artnome gives his life story and explains how it all leads up to being an early part of CryptoArt, NFTs, and this podcast! Sickles shares a bit about his background as a documentary film maker and what it has been like to spend the last two years interviewing hundreds of the most talented and interesting people in the NFT community for what will become “the” definitive documentary on this culture. We end the episode by returning to a question Artnome first asked in early 2018… What is CryptoArt?

To keep up with the podcast follow @thedanknessxyz on Twitter. Sickles is on Twitter at @dan_sickles and you can keep up with his amazing documentary at @newherexyz as it evolves. Artnome lives on Twitter at @artnome and his company ClubNFT, which helps collectors protect and discover NFTs, is at @club_nft.

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