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About Mignonverse Theme

Mignonverse is a Story Telling CryptoART project with the Creativity of Lapin Mignon and the Genius Coding of Tagachi - In an immersive universe at the intersection of Jules Verne and Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

A bunch of friends are discovering the forgotten life of Kelly Dee, a Victorian Astronomer who has discovered a Galaxy. Her journal stop the day she was testing her rocket.

Embark to a new collaborative adventure, between Science and Imagination, and be ready to embark our Rocket to get your part of the Mignonverse, an innovative Soft Metaverse - where the community is at its best.

RDV every wednesday 3.30pm London time on our Spatial v.mgv.link for the Story Time

Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/mignonverse

Credits: Mignonverse is a Mignon Inc. Project. Watercolour and Ink Artwork: Lapin Mignon Music: Lapin Mignon Vocals and Chorus: Lapin Mignon Arrangement: Lapin Mignon Lyrics: "Requiem Pour Un Nouveau Monde" from Lapin Mignon

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  • Max Editions19
  • Minting Price0.15 ETH
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  • Dimensions2920x1643px
  • Audio Length1:26
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