Humans Part 2

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About Humans Part 2

HUMANS as inspiration

I'm writing here about the fact that you can be inspired by people anywhere...

Against the background of general disappointment, it is important to have in front of us the names and faces of people whom we believe and whom we would like to follow and be inspired by...

When you work in business, you are inspired by big names from business: Frank Sinatra, Andy Warhol, Elon Musk, Howard Schultz, Sam Walton, Tony Shay, Louis Gerstner, Tim Cook Jeff Bezos, and other famous people, top managers, CEO's of prominent companies. Their innovations, successes, and breakthrough ideas in difficult situations and circumstances, described in numerous books, often become an example to follow and a source of inspiration. But there are such examples not only in books.

In daily routine, among ordinary people who walk down the street, in stores, or in those cozy coffee shops...

There are talented, charismatic, beautiful, graceful, unusual people... when I drew sketches, and this literally is sitting over coffee with a notebook and markers ... and I looked into the features the face looked a little like a "crazy woman with a marker" who looks and studies everyone around... or can you imagine me in public transport?! I sit and sketch down the movements of the face... sometimes people realize that I am drawing them, so they are shy, and some start posing...

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