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About Alma's Digital Collectibles

A groundbreaking collaboration between Alma Deutscher, the 17 years-old prodigy composer, conductor, pianist and violinist, and Ekaterina Lestienne, a French digital artist famous for her colorful creations full of positive vibes.

Alma’s digital collectibles is based on Alma’s yet unreleased ‘The Emperor’s New Waltz’, a musical romantic-comedy about the timeless story of a rich girl falling for a poor boy, the class struggle and how love conquers all. World premiere of Alma Deutscher's upcoming opera to be premiered in Salzburg in 2023!

The collection features 400 individual unique pieces that are generated from unique combinations of four music themes: Jonas’ Waltz, Love duet, Leonie’s song and Kaiser’s song, with accompanying vibrant visual themes that tell the same story. There are 4 legendary editions within the entire collection with some exceptional utilities.

Music: Alma Deutscher Visuals: Ekaterina Lestienne Orchestra: Strauss Capelle Vienna Producer: Josip Susnjara / Vienna Digital Lab Recording Studio: Treehouse Studios Vienna

Vienna Digital Lab, 2022

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  • Max Editions444
  • Minting Price0.2 ETH
  • Legendary Editions4
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3000x3000px
  • Audio Length<Multiple>
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