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About the piece

Mad Monk's Akumu "Nightmare" Blueprints release is an extension of the project into multiple platforms by arriving on Async Art with a different spin following its own smart contract, KnownOrigin and MakersPlace.

Async Art Blueprints version of the project includes 30 brand new artwork pitted against 30 background variations. Total mints will be capped at 300. Given the probability arrangements, original images will mint with high probability, and effectively each image will have 1 original + 9 variation adjustments. Thus effectively 30 pieces of 10 editions where each is unique from the others.

There are also 4 Legendary Editions with mesmeric concubines. Mint at your own luck!

The images are extraordinary and there is more 1/1 minting coming up on its own contract and other platforms. As such it will be a crazy choice to make them Free here and Free they are! If the project is lucky, it will be a good distribution and will help in the long run. If not, enjoy the great pieces you will own. Don't sell all please, keep some to enjoy!

Mad Monk's dark Japanese themed artwork and study of reimagined traditional characters have led to the creation of Akumu in November 2022. Deployed first on Manifold and AI assisted, Akumu ("Nightmares") is a collection of demons, deities, monsters, fighters and darker themes. Following initial mints on its own smart contract, Akumu will be minted on other platforms in order to reach you, haunt you and possibly torment you. Beware of your nightmares before they come true.

Akumu smart contract: https://opensea.io/collection/akumubymadmonk Akumu 1/1s on KnownOrigin: https://knownorigin.io/mad-monk Akumu 1/1s on MakersPlace: https://makersplace.com/marketplace/madmonk/

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions300
  • Minting PriceFree
  • Legendary Editions4
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3500x3500px
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