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About Altered

How would you design an album if every track was meant to change?

“Altered” is the first audio visual Music Blueprints project that explores the concept of a non-concrete album. Created with 30+ collaborators and over 6600 possible unique combinations derived from 11 songs, “Altered” is one step further into an immersive and surreal album experience with every mint.

Each song generated finds Ricky Lake in a new dreamlike environment comprised of visual elements, created by Wables using dall*e, and representing his collaborators. This includes the possibility for different producers, features, bass lines, drum patterns, genres, remixes, audio effects, and more, all represented uniquely and often.

The unique combo count also includes 8 Legendaries featuring 3D rendered artwork by XD.rar

Mint, swap, and collect all 11 tracks for a truly unique "Altered" album of your own.

Album players include:

Yuri Beats Tia Nomore The Park Clear Mortifee Drew Banga Ehiorobo Studio_Dad GrandBankss Madge Shaina Evoniuk Lewis Patzner Wables DJ Taye Cel Genesis Leviathe Jammy Siri Seiko XD.rar Passwurdz Taifa Nia Stoni Big Baby Gandhi
Tall CEO Mikos Da Gawd Jordan Blackmon Room In Eight Lucas Siobal Matthew Rare Nanosaur Eva Treadway Wayne Mills OKdvd Ewock

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions1017
  • Minting Price0.0069 ETH
  • Legendary Editions8
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3000x3000px
  • Audio Length<Multiple>
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