Body Snatchers

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About the piece

Body Snatchers is a B Type glitch horror story by Athena Novo.

After the Alien Invasion series, Body Snatchers is my second B Type project. Alien Invasion was solely minted on KnownOrigin and Body Snatchers will be an Async Art Blueprints project.

Body Snatchers is an AI project based on the classical black and white horror movies. There are 150 1/1 artworks which are paired with 42 overlays to give 6300 possible combinations. A maximum of 600 will be minted with a time limit.

The work has been developed one by one both in the underlying layer and the variation layer. Some of the pieces of the underlying layer are variations of a scene with small variations but they will be effected by the corresponding variation layer in the final product.

The underlying layer is all black and white. Some of the images are on purpose very fuzzy and all are glitchy. The variation layers are all colorful except for one transparent layer with a higher probability so that more of the base imagery has a chance to get minted as is.

I feel the piece you are going to mint is something special. It is also a project I've spent around 4 months before finalizing late October 2022. It took some to decide to bring this effort initially to a free mint.

As the project is a Free Mint and the price discovery will happen over time in the secondary market. I am intrigued how this approach will change distribution and future economics for me and for the collectors. I took my time and thought this is something to learn from and as such it is an experiment I am eager to take on.

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions600
  • Minting PriceFree
  • Legendary Editions0
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3500x3500px
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