GEMINIS - Bonded identities

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About GEMINIS - Bonded identities

In the last four years I have been tattooing these designs on more than fifty human bodies.

These are collections of digitized and manipulated skins. Coexisting like an interwoven network in the virtual world, where our avatars meet and reconfigure each other.

As a tattoo artist, my work reconfigures people's identities in relation to other individuals in society. I have selected the designs, tattooed each one of them and scanned their body to obtain all the photogrammetry pieces that are in this collection.

The faces of people we know, anime characters or the look of our grandparents in a photograph, everything builds an identity for us.

Be part of it, build, reconfigure, transform and also recreate your identity.

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  • Max Editions600
  • Minting Price0.025 ETH
  • Legendary Editions6
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  • Dimensions3840x2160px
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