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FIVEDEX BULWARKS - by Grey Tekin |: The inspiration for this collection comes from urban cities with a high concentration of street art areas and skatepark hotspots.

Skateparks are not only a great place to skate, but they're also a great place to appreciate street art. Skateparks are often filled with vibrant murals and graffiti, making them a veritable outdoor gallery. And because skateparks are open to the public, anyone can enjoy the art on display.

So next time you're at a skatepark, take a minute to appreciate the art around you. You might be surprised at how much beauty you can find in such unexpected places. |: The sound is a construction of random beats and is made with Newscool Groovebox. It’s a generative beats seqencer based on british mathematician John Conway's Game of Life. Each generated image contains one random audio piece out of this 50 generated audio seqeunces. |: 5 x Legendary Editions, includes special physical - [Skateboard Deck Giveaway]-:

01 King Cobra + unique DnB Jingle + physical Skateboard Deck Giveaway
02 Lucky Panda + unique DnB Jingle + physical Skateboard Deck Giveaway
03 Monoculus Tiger + unique DnB Jingle + physical Skateboard Deck Giveaway
04 Happy Shiba Inu + unique DnB Jingle + physical Skateboard Deck Giveaway
05 Drunken Bear + unique DnB Jingle + physical Skateboard Deck Giveaway

Shipping worldwide from germany. |: 512 x Editon with 5x Types and 50 Audio Tracks

  1. Urban Chaos 38%
  2. Monochrome 23%
  3. Mono Hoodblox 9%
  4. Red Line 15 %
  5. Urban Colors 15% |:

2022 - FIVEDEX BULWARKS - Made by Grey Tekin

:| GT Workflow:
:: Jingle Music production and mixing audio seqeunces :: Symbols are digital handmade drawings :: Layers are digital abstract paintings and edited with js random pixel sorting effects :: Music and image compsition are composed and splitted in 5 Types
:: Video trailer and banner produced and arranged for the main edition page :: Physical Skateboard Decks prints is made by on demand printing service from germany. :|

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions512
  • Minting Price0.01 ETH
  • Legendary Editions5
  • Unique Combo Count
    334 Trillion
  • Dimensions2160x3840px
  • Audio Length1:01
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