New Dawn

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About New Dawn

AsyncNewDawn @asynart

Dawn is a chance to wake up, and a literal chance to leave the darkness behind and walk towards the light of new opportunities. The world is full of darkness and challenges for each of us and if we connect with nature we can find beauty in each new dawn that is given to us every morning.

This blueprint represents the description above.

About music, I have composed a simple melody, but I have put a random F major scale in an automatic plugin, this gives us the sensation of a different melody, when you play it, sounds different everytime, like a dawn.

About the drawing, each image represents a new dawn, the sun rises with a different look and appearance, this represents how we woke up. Each light and color represents a new feeling, how time comes, a sad or optimistic sunrise.

Maximum Editions 50 Minting Price 0.005 ETH

Music and Art by ZYFU

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions14
  • Minting Price0.005 ETH
  • Legendary Editions0
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions1920x1080px
  • Audio Length1:21
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