Crypto Monarchs - 1st Empire

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0.05 ETH

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About Crypto Monarchs - 1st Empire

Crypto Monarchs is a collection of portraits from the musical & digital art project Maison Clone. Each NFT is composed of visuals and music.

“Maison Clone is a precipitate of Isaac Asimov's Foundation with the soundtracks energy of John Carpenter. Founded in 2015 in a psytronic laboratory, it takes the form of a mysterious Meta Hexagon. As the Doctor Who's police box its space is infinite and keeps his creator safe.”

Crypto Monarchs are the guardians of the Maison Clone. Join them and keep their secrets...


5 Legendary NFTs with 5 original music

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Maison Clone is a musical & digital art project. You can discover it on

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions21
  • Minting Price0.05 ETH
  • Legendary Editions5
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3840x3840px
  • Audio Length2:28
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