And there was light

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About And there was light

The Dutch Genesis, by the DNA

The Dutch NFT Association (DNA) is a collaboration between artists from both The Guild, Arthouse and beyond (within the borders of the Netherlands). These Dutch artists are big crypto art enthusiasts and see NFT’s as a means to approach the creative process in a whole new way. Web3 offers them endless opportunities, which they are keen to explore. With their heads put together, they aspire to become a self-sufficient team of crypto artists.

This blueprint marks the first project of the DNA, which features works of 10 Dutch artists: Raul Balai, Niels Broszat, Dominic Brown, Airco Caravan, Daniel Martin, Conny van Sabben, Pablo Slenders, Rutger van der Tas, Ytje Veenstra and Mathijs Vissers.

In The Dutch Genesis you see classic imagery combined with some of the infinite possibilities of the new digital highway. Every artist brings his/her own unique style into the equation. This creates the most interesting combinations of themes and styles in different layers.

Through art, the DNA wants to create a self-sustainable ecosystem. In order to achieve that, the proceedings of this mint will be used to fund the association in its future endeavors and development; like showcasing NFT’s on screens in real life, connecting with the communities and building a sustainable NFT ecosystem. The goal is to acquire autonomy by selling cryptoart. Subsequently, the raised funds plus the combined knowledge of all the artists involved, can be used for future collaborations with museums and art spaces to educate the audience about the new and upcoming art world. Intended result? That more people are aware of and become enthusiastic about crypto art! The future is here.

DNA: by artists, through art.

Twitter: @NFTDNA1

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  • Max Editions333
  • Minting Price0.0333 ETH
  • Legendary Editions3
  • Unique Combo Count
    160,000 Trillion
  • Dimensions2160x3840px
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