Frogs of Phanes

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About the piece

Starting from "Rare Pepe" ( Various artists, 2016), "Pepe the frog" ( Boy's Club, Matt Furie, 2005) and coming to "The Frogs" ( Aristophanes, 405 BC), I make a parallelism which resurrects the predecessors of the Frog meme, connecting the origins with the crypto culture.

Frogs of Phanes is a confounding and an enigmatic PFP collection, ode to the frog image, a quest for his character identity, who transforms into a trip to Hades. There, on the shore of Acheron where Charon ferry the souls to the Blockchain, the chorus of the frogs appears to be singing their croaking refrain - Bre{kekek}èx-koàx-koáx-

Inspired by the Ancient Greek mythology (folklore aspects) and comedy (satire aspects), 250 rare "digital ceramic discs" were created and elegantly decorated with the dramatic (tragικον) and the comedy (comικον) frogs.

The trademark style of orange and dark frogs is a reference to the two most significant styles of figural Greek vase painting (Red-figured and Black-figured techniques).

See you on the other side of the block, the merge any time soon.. kek

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  • Max Editions250
  • Minting Price0.025 ETH
  • Legendary Editions9
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions1000x1000px
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