Victims Of The Global Financial Crisis (2036-1999)

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About the piece

agent00all - Victims Of The Global Financial Crisis (2036-1999) is an audiovisual spoiler inspired by a sci-fi novel I am writing called Axiopolis Online.

First, there are 4 layers, with 5 states each, that make up different, unique audio loops. They are at the same key and serve as food for thought when it comes to grooves, by mixing different elements of various electronic music genres. The titles of each state are made in such a way that it would always make (some) sense when you combined different states, considering the sound refers to a sci-fi scenario. Eg. "Masters of Temporal Mission" or "Agents From Silent Past" etc. Collect them all, they're all unique and can spark your imagination <3

In addition, there are 16 legendary full tracks with deeper meaning both in terms of sound and imagery. These ones have fixed titles, pictures, and entire tracks, unlike the previous drops that are autogenerated. However, for the thumbnails of the legendary collection, I used midjourney to generate AI images of the environment each piece refers to. I hope you find these interesting. <3

Personal Note:

I am working on this album since 2015, and it was mainly influenced by the technopolitical landscape between USA, Netherlands, Greece, and China.

A global financial recession is not only unavoidable, but one could position it as a natural domino effect in accordance with manmade capitalism.

I believe that the year 2036 is important for technological breakthroughs outside our imagination, and the results will affect humanity in the past, present, and possible futures, whether we are aware of it or not.

In this album, I envision a cyberpunk-ish metropolis explored by agent00all who is working as a contractor for S.E.P.A (Shanghai Electronic Payments Authority). His job is to visit a plethora of geolocations at different timestamps and explore in-depth what could have caused the global financial crisis of 2036 that impacted 1999.

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  • Dimensions1024x1024px
  • Audio Length1:53
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