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"INTERMINABLE layers/liars" is composed of 3 songs in different styles with lyrics in Spanish and English, telling 1 story: the manipulation of our lives into the hands of politicians and their hidden interests.

Part 1 - Liars: one truth is revealed Part 2 - Interminable: the repercussions in our life Part 3 - Layers: the realization that it'll never end :(

INTERMINABLE is intended as a snapshot of current times; 3 genres, 8 layers, 26 stems. 4 legendary editions, each visual layer reacts to its musical stem.

Chance and scarcity are part of our lives and can change our ways, we simply don't know when or how. Same thing with these songs thanks to Async Blueprints generative component, they will be random and unique, out of our control. (*μ_μ)

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  • Max Editions70
  • Minting Price0.041 ETH
  • Legendary Editions4
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions1920x1920px
  • Audio Length0:33
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