Inaccessible Worlds

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About Inaccessible Worlds

When a game fails, sometimes mid-crash you get a glimpse of a place that cannot persist. Sometimes if you manipulate some variables just right, you can teleport yourself into places that are walled-off from our experience by a barrier of cascading failure, corrupted worlds propped up by machinery that is whirring and overheating and dissipating fast as we try to take in the reality that is sliding back into the void.

These are glimpses of worlds that don't function, visions of places and times that could not persist as they were and are instead captured as still frames. This is satisfying the urge to take that glimpse of a beautiful failure and keep it - to crystallize into a transitory vision of a beautiful collapse.

More precisely - these are collections of pixels from manipulated NES games. Changing the hex code and crossing states with other games, repeating, stacking saves and layouts. Inaccessible Worlds is a broad project featuring different versions of the worlds, different formats of the art and conceptual work.

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