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The inaugural generative audio visual project from the artist COLDICE. An experiment with the Blueprint+ system. I was surprised with the result and am happy to share it in the virtual space. I should be able to go further into this generative audio visual digital medium then I did with this song. It calculated 750+ unique combinations but I'll allow 333 to be minted. For the sake that it is art created by a singular person and this was successful in my opinion. I did not create a legendary NFT for this project but you can catch me performing this song from the home studio via Twitch if you visit my website. Plus I have other songs and artistic ideas for such a complex experience that I feel Async could possibly provide. Just keepin it moving and hope you find it interesting. Thanks, COLDICE

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions333
  • Minting Price0.003 ETH
  • Legendary Editions0
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions1000x1000px
  • Audio Length0:59

Contract Details

  • Blueprint TitleAny body?
  • Token StandardERC-721
  • BlockchainEthereum
  • Contract ID6
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