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About h0m3w0rk

h0m3w0rk is a collaborative audiovisual project that blends the unique styles of 7 artist frens: Weinbagz, Terra Naomi, Pop Wonder, Tania Del Rio, Hilton Wright II, SoulCurryArt, and Zachary Winterton (plus a few surprise guests!)

Each audio layer is attached to a visual layer. The piece has 10 categories of audiovisual layers, each with between 4 - 15 possible variations, resulting in more than 700 million possible combinations.

There are 6 legendary 1/1 pieces by the h0m3w0rk artists + ??? (we love surprises!)

The h0m3w0rk crew is proud to be an official launch partner for Async Art's Music Blueprints and can't wait to see what this new set of innovative tools make possible for audiovisual creators around the world, with no coding or dev skills required!

This is a collaborative project so please visit each artist's individual Twitter for updates:

@weinbagz @terranaomi @popwondernft @taniadelrio @deucewt @soulcurryart @zachwinterton

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions819
  • Minting Price0.0777 ETH
  • Legendary Editions6
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3840x3840px
  • Audio Length0:22
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