The Hell Rave

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About The Hell Rave

Welcome to the third collection – Hell terrified and enraptured people with its journey through the lands of the dead. After all, wandering through bleak environments and simply talking to suffering people doesn't sound like an interesting hobby. Regardless, each Illustration is minutely detailed with touches seemingly pulled from the Canvas.

Discover life on hell, relationships, which may become someone becomes a personal hell. Realm, divided from the land of the living by a terrible river, a house of dust where the dead dwell without distinction of rank or merit.

Across the River Styx on Charon’s ferry inhabitants sunk into witless oblivion, incapable of communicating with him. The untimely dead and the improperly buried suffer more than do common shades, and notorious sinners such as Tantalus, Putler, and Sisyphus, are tormented for crimes.

As you make your way through hell there are damned souls that you can choose to punish or absolve. You can also snap up the lower minions of hell. The landscape of hell is a powerful character in its own right, but that doesn't mean there aren't other manifestations of evil. Each of the six canvases has its own take on the denizens of hell and One Unique Legendary Illustration, as well as rare types of traits such as Lava, Gold, Acid, and Epic, define the original palette and hidden treasures.

Surprised at what an important role sound plays in the artistic version of hell. The sound is key to the equal canvas parts of 7 Unique Legendary editions.

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  • Max Editions24
  • Minting Price0.06 ETH
  • Legendary Editions7
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3840x2160px
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