BLOB Brigade

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0.06 ETH

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About BLOB Brigade

No need to fear, the BLOB Brigade is here! 1,499 BLOBbed out weirdos are here to spread good vibes! Release the Brigade by minting your own unique floating creep.

With hundreds of hand drawn traits, 3-D rendered elements, and distinctive personalities, you are sure to release a unique member of the Brigade. Ten legendary 1/1 BLOBs are mixed in throughout. Release three or more Brigade members and receive the Flooding Factory Art Pass- a commissioned airdropped artwork once per quarter, for as long as you hold 3+ Brigades.

Flooding Factory is a family run NFT collective with a focus on supporting art education on the southwest side of Chicago and beyond.

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions1499
  • Minting Price0.06 ETH
  • Legendary Editions10
  • Unique Combo Count
    280 Billion
  • Dimensions2700x3600px
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