To Infinity and Beyo..! Um...? Whoopsies..!

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About To Infinity and Beyo..! Um...? Whoopsies..!

So, it seems that wherever we go we leave some sort of crap encrusted footprint behind that bears witness to our foray into any previously pristine domain. Is our myopic lack of foresight and seeming inability to plan for the full impact of our incursions an inherent aspect of our DNA or does it generate from laziness, greed, insatiable desire for power, or...? Meanwhile...

This project is another @aliasrubytuesday, @sambearsays-climatefund and @sambearsays-nftfootprintfund collaboration (see also "Sam Bear Says" project). 33.33% of the artist’s sales share will go towards climate action projects and a further 33.33% towards NFT carbon footprint reduction projects. This will be collected in the sambearsays-climatefund and the sambearsays-nftfootprintfund collaborative artists' accounts, respectively. to follow "Sam Bear Says" on discord

For transparency:

  • all payments to climate action groups will be made via the sambearsays-climatefund, and can be tracked using the sambearsays-climatefund ETH Wallet address = 0x1758b115e52F394DF76e6cdc4D412d2eD5938E81

  • all payments to NFT carbon footprint reduction groups will be made via the sambearsays-nftfootprintfund, and can be tracked using the sambearsays-nftfootprintfund ETH Wallet address = 0xD7279c801B16e4Ba8EA21669907D607353Ad9382

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  • Max Editions30
  • Minting Price0.025 ETH
  • Legendary Editions0
  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3840x3840px
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