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About Sam Bear Says

Sam Bear is very concerned about the climate crisis and wishes to share with us all some of their insightful thoughts and opinions about the current situation. Sam Bear also wants to do something about it and you can help.

How? Well, Sam has had a chat with the artist, @aliasrubytuesday, and they have agreed that 33.33% of the artist’s sales share will go towards climate action projects and a further 33.33% towards NFT carbon footprint reduction projects. This will be collected in the sambearsays-climatefund and the sambearsays-nftfootprintfund collaborative artists' accounts, respectively.

So, whenever you buy a “Thus sayeth Sam…” you are not only getting a unique snapshot of Sam Bear telling it how Sam sees it, you’ll also be contributing to worldwide climate action projects such as tree planting, blockchain carbon footprint reduction, climate action awareness projects, etc.

As an example, when the "Sam Bear Says" climate fund contributes to planting trees, each tree planted will make a difference by reducing the ETH carbon footprint involved in the transaction; improving the earth's air, water and biodiversity; and helping to fight the climate crisis. And a tree just keeps on doing this for years and years and years... Sam Bear likes that... to follow "Sam Bear Says" on discord.


  • For transparency:

  • all payments to climate action groups will be made via the sambearsays-climatefund, and can be tracked using the sambearsays-climatefund ETH Wallet address = 0x1758b115e52F394DF76e6cdc4D412d2eD5938E81

  • all payments to climate action groups will be made via the sambearsays-nftfootprintfund, and can be tracked using the sambearsays-nftfootprintfund ETH Wallet address = 0xD7279c801B16e4Ba8EA21669907D607353Ad9382

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  • Max Editions216
  • Minting Price0.05 ETH
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  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3840x3840px
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