The Village Of Limitless Potential

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About The Village Of Limitless Potential

It’s time to take the destiny of this small community into your own hands. The fun part is - you have more than one quadrillion provably-random unique combinations to use as a potential starting point.

The Village of Limitless Potential is made up of twenty different artwork layers; there are trees, buildings, monuments, and plenty in between. The three ‘types’ - Militaristic, Agricultural, and Reverential - use the same layers but are affected by subtle variations in rarity. And there are four animated Legendary editions to discover!

Every edition is accompanied by a license (see below) to use your Village artwork in any way that you wish. All artwork is 3840x2160 pixel resolution, and 6400x3600 ‘originals’ are available to owners on request.

Your Village is ready to be revealed. What happens after that is entirely up to you.

  • Commercial Use License - Cryptographically verifiable ownership of a ‘Village’ NFT on the Ethereum network grants you (“The Owner”) a worldwide, royalty-free, time-unlimited Commercial Use license to use, copy, and display the associated artwork for the purposes of creating derivative art, merchandise, or products for sale. This license is automatically transferred upon sale of the NFT. The Owner must undertake to respect the right of defiantsquid (“The Artist”) to be identified as the creator of the original work. When promoting your Village or any derivative works attribution is recommended, but not required. This license applies to a fully ‘revealed’ artwork, and does not extend to any individual or isolated layer that might be randomly chosen at time of mint to assemble it. The Artist is not responsible for any derivative art or products that may be created as a result of this license, nor the verification or enforcement of this license by any third-party website, gallery, platform or marketplace.

  • Attribution - Art and animation: defiantsquid Sound design: Tigerbear Audio

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions1024
  • Minting Price0.04 ETH
  • Legendary Editions4
  • Unique Combo Count
    4959 Trillion
  • Dimensions3840x2160px
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