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About the piece

It was during the early days of the outbreak and I was out on the street taking photographs. Just past the Chinese Lunar New Year and the accompanying celebrations, Chinatown was tired under the sparkling red lanterns. Television was full of Wuhan news but there were neither masks nor hospitalizations in London. I spent over a week as tension slowly grew but as the photographer tourist, it was not until the return voyage I realized the gravity of the situations.

These photographs are chosen from my shots during that period. I omitted the out of London photographs and certain themes and images used elsewhere naturally did not make the cut. Of the remaining ones, I tried to be inclusive as well as balanced. After review I realized I have over 300 shots eligible in Landscape and some more in Portrait. Funny that the most strategic decision was choose among them.

I chose the Landscape as it was a lower number :) Not much more sense to it I guess..

This is a set I enjoyed shooting and editing. All are my photographs and 1/1s. Some are heavily edited out of photographic form in to something more akin to abstract mixed media. Others are plain vanilla B&Ws.

There are no combination or overlays as per Async Art algo here. This is playing with the great Blueprints tool to provide you randomization in minting. Basically there are 227 photographs here. All are very dear to me and none of know which one is going to get minted with the click. However unlike other works of mine, if we together get to the end then all 227 will be minted. We just would not know who will have which one!

No Legendary editions here. Rarities also have no meaning. All is rare to the bone. Some are real cool shots, others are like documentaries and yet others are my imagination gone wild.

If you enjoy this, if we mint all then perhaps I'll go over the Portraits and do a London with another count and share all the output with you. As I arrange all this in late January 2022, that seems far away.

To each of my collectors I will end with a final thank you. This has been an amazing journey in the NFT space and only possible with your support. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did and do..

HoT @2022

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  • Max Editions227
  • Minting Price0.1 ETH
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