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0.075 ETH

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About Lebras

Inspired by the design work of Bauhaus textile artists such as Gunta Stölzl, Anni and Josef Albers, 'Lebras' combines the proportions of both the Silver and Golden Ratios (1.414:1 and 1.618:1 respectively) to create a versatile five-column grid, within which unique compositions are formed.

Repetition, material, balance, and overlaps are used to generate a near-endless variety of designs, ranging from ultra-minimal, to rhythmic and textural. Four fabric types are available, further adding to the authentic textile quality of the outputs.

To enjoy 'Lebras' compositions at their best, please view at full size.

Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions512
  • Minting Price0.075 ETH
  • Legendary Editions3
  • Unique Combo Count
    98,771,774,911 Trillion
  • Dimensions2400x3396px
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