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About the piece

MECHANA is a visual representation of my art journey. Starting from the early attempts to recreate a stained glass window using handcut collage as medium, to the present with new tools making multifaceted art to live in the digital space. As before with my previous artworks at Async I wanted to add the game element and so in this one my inspiration was a Rubik's cube where AI is the player and solver of the puzzle.

MECHANA has multipurpose utility also and you could call it the swiss knife of generative projects! The 4k resolution and dimensions make it an ideal fit for digital frames. The portrait can be used as a PFP for your favorite social media and the upper or down part of the frame fits perfectly to the header for our beloved Twitter.

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Blueprint Details

  • Max Editions300
  • Minting Price0.1 ETH
  • Legendary Editions3
  • Unique Combo Count
    97 Billion
  • Dimensions2160x3840px
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