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About ∞ 360° Nfinity ∞

"Everything in life is connected by an invisible grid, the structure of the universe."

These 360° visions - created from within the digital abyss - might inspire you to remind yourself of times before you entered the physical world.

360° art is a digital work created on a spherical canvas. To be viewed optimally one uses a VR headset and looks from within, much like experiencing life from inside the womb.

Now to show it on a flat screen monitor it can either be rendered live interactively so you can rotate the 3D canvas to look around or photographic shots can be taken inside with a lens best fitted to represent the contents of such a spheric world.

∞ 360° Nfinity ∞ makes use of exactly that last one and this entire artwork is based on some of the highlights of what my 360° workflow from over the past 5 years has provided me with.

Many elements of these spherical pieces are combined into this one artwork which is constructed to create way over 10.000+ potential unique outcomes.

In this one artwork only 888 unique versions will ever see the light of day. Which one is yours ?

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  • Max Editions888
  • Minting Price0.05 ETH
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  • Unique Combo Count
  • Dimensions3840x2160px
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