consume, obey, die

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About consume, obey, die

everything in our daily lives can be a subject of criticism. especially our rituals, which have become normalized in our daily routines, constitute the starting point of this project.

"consume, obey, die" within the system, a critical approach to our daily routines and daily habits.

cycle.. eat, drink, sleep, wake up.. every day.. besides tangible things, the consumption of many abstract things are now a part of us.. consumption is now more than a need. the consumer has transformed the consumed things into a means of display.. therefore; individual reflects his/her self to the outside world through consumption. the individual's understanding of consumption exhibits his lifestyle. our lifestyle.. the life we are used to.. consume..


obeying orders, acting according to orders, being subject to someone.. especially "to obey willingly, to obey voluntarily, to do it voluntarily, to accept" this is our lifestyle.. the life we are used to. obey..

at the end of the day, the inevitable... death... physical death. what if our souls or consciousness also die? Is death something serious? has life-centered life pushed death into the background? Is everyone's strongest dream, immortality? physical immortality, social immortality? which one ? what if we are going to die at the end of the day, what does this much consumption and obedience promise us? will our lifestyle remain after we die? the life we are used to?

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