Inwardness #504137

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About the piece

I have explored the relationship between the light in photography and line in painting since 2020. This series integrates the results of my research which are photograms, Mixed Media artworks, and AI-generated images. The dataset from this series includes 300 photograms I made in the darkroom and 300 digital paintings I drew.

The concept of Relativity dearly changes my way of seeing and creating. When I hold light source on the Black & White photographic enlarging paper in the darkroom, I come over a sort of illusion that I am drawing. Even though I know that I'm making photographs because each beam of light represents its time and space. Painting is the outlet for my feelings. When I am drawing on the AI-generated image on the computer, the emotion comes and goes, just as the light only lasts for a second and never comes back. For me, this series is neither photography nor painting. It's a kind of new form.

Artwork Title: Inwardness #504137 Date of Artwork: 2021 Dimension: 3840 pixel x 3840 pixel Type of Work: Programmable Art (Photogram, Digital Painting, GANs Algorithm trained images) Date of Dataset: 2021

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