Path of the Monolith

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Path of the Monolith



This was a magical crossroad, the air shifted as various places converged into this one space. With each turn there was a new opening, a separate path leading to a magical monolith.

So many possibilities...

The hero felt lost, unsure where to go, knowing that each monolith provided different blessings and strengths. She took her time, examining all of the choices thoroughly- She could always use more knowledge, protection and fortune, but maybe she craved for a meaningful connection and some additional courage. This was a difficult choice, but there was no wrong choice, which gave her comfort.

In the end she let her instinct choose, what felt right for her. As she approached the Monolith, she felt the magic radiating from it washed over her.

The backgrounds represent our past, where we come from. The cloaks symbolize the present moment, they're the insulation from the outside world. The protection and comfort, giving us the strength to keep going. Whereas, Monoliths represent the future, they can be considered more like magical charms to aid us in our pursuits. Each monolith has it's own meaning and purpose.

The symbols in the art can be transcribed into English words revealing the deeper meanings in the artwork and combinations. The symbols' key is located on the cloaks preview layer.

This painting is a part of the Adventure series, a journey about discovery, persistence and perseverance. This project is quite personal but I keep the meanings vague enough for others to find their own interpretations and connection to the art.

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