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The Jackpot



“The Jackpot” is a collaboration between (0x84300dCc7ca9Cf447e886fA17C11fa22557d1AF0) and Ytje Veenstra. They share a studio in Haarlem, the Netherlands, where they found mutual artistic ground.

“The Jackpot” is loosely based on William Gibson's book “The Peripheral”. It's about two timelines, set apart 70 years, on different continents. These timelines converge and characters on both sides of time find themselves interacting, strategizing and plotting to ward off a greater danger, called the jackpot.

Ytje Veenstra is a longtime fan of Gibson's cyberpunk and speculative fiction. Her clear-lined drawings intersect and merge with Rutger van der Tas' mind bending, psychedelic style. Like the two timelines in Gibson's story, Rutger and Ytje weave their art and vision into an organic, yet collage-like dream world, a universe where future nightmares and virtual worlds fold in around themselves.

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