Neural Alchemy

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Neural Alchemy



We live in times where New Aesthetic and New Media are the rule of our visual code. My creative process appropriates the characteristic visual features of the main movements present in digital art in recent years—such as Glitch Art, 3D models, DataViz, Code Art, Vaporwave and Cyberpunk, in order to mix them with each other and reintegrate them with traditional media such as drawing and painting. As a painter by training, I conduct myself through an erratic process that seems more like a search for a personal aesthetic within the density of images and information characteristic of our era. Compose obsessively is the key to associating these elements in an image; distribute visual weights, observe the piece at a different distance, move away and get closer. Neural Alchemy is the result of cautious curation of elements and careful observation and decision-making to solve a piece that is not meant to be static. As an artist, producing an image for the format in which Async Art works is one of the most exhilaratingly creative challenges I have ever faced. The piece is made up of four layers based on the core elements: Mood, Material Color, Ethereal Color and Body Matter. Each one plays with references of the styles mentioned above. Hope you find hidden messages and feel inspired by this creation, you might enjoy this piece as much as I do.

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1336 x 2151 px

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