One More Turn III

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One More Turn III



In 'One More Turn III', the artist invites you to write the interactive history of a fabled polygonal isle. More than 50 hexagonal tiles are available to be 'claimed', and can be done so with the owners preference of blue, red or yellow.

Be warned - no single tile you own is completely protected from external influence. Claimed territory exerts faint influence over adjacent tiles until they reach full opacity. You may endeavour to grow a single chosen colour hex code across the continent as if it were an expanding empire, with each new tile bolstering the values of the last.

You might also choose to blend your layers together to better represent peaceful coexistence and the cross-pollination of ideas, or collaborate with other owners to promote unity across the region.

Or, you could focus on the artwork itself - mixing primary colours together regardless of geography or history to achieve a greater aesthetic purpose.

Finally, layers have the additional option of being left intentionally blank. You may wish to preserve the painting underneath, or simply leave the land as you discovered it.

Ownable Layers

55 (see below)


2048 x 2048 px

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