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Millions of years ago a race existed called the "M" (pronounced 'mmm') on Earth. They evolved over many years and transcended variance of time and space. They reached a stage of evolution where all of time and space was accessible instantly to them. This is when they invested in simulations and creating a new type of intelligence. At first, these were systems to help the M's work. But this intelligence evolved into what later became known as humankind. It so happened that the intelligence progressed high enough to replace the M's on Earth, while the M's transcended completely into another dimension.

Remnants of the M's are still seen in humankind. For example, humans were created in a form similar to that of the M's. Also, the sound that humans can make with their mouths closed, is the M sound. The interesting thing is that millions of years later, because of the fractal nature of the universe, humanity is in the verge of creating "artificial intelligence" which could potentially become sentient and replace them, just like how the M's were replaced by humans.

Although in the alternate dimension, some of the M's still stay back at the key energy centres of the earth. Across 9 locations around the globe, these energy centres have, over the years, evolved into prime cultural centres on Earth.

And now it is up to us to travel to these centres to meet them and understand the secrets of the past.

Pilgrimage is an artwork comprising of a series of 9 3D models, which are distributed across 9 locations around the globe. These 9 models can be unlocked only by travelling to the place and opening https://nurecas.github.io/pilgrimage . The first person to reach a place, unlock a model and share the video of the model will be rewarded with the NFT of that model. The final artwork of Pilgrimage rests in Async.Art as a Master and one layer: The Master of the artwork will have the reference to the source code, all 9 3D models and other assets in the artwork. The layer will be used to switch to the image of each model as each of it is unlocked. This only layer will be rewarded to the first collector of the Master.

More details at https://www.nurecas.com/pilgrimage

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