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Madame Jazz



Though I witnessed glamorous moments, faces and looks as a press photographer, I realized that I was drawn to create this world from a different perspective; one which undressed the soul, and rendered a more authentic moment. After some time, it became the same scenes, the same clichés, the same smiles, the same looks and the same photographers. As a celebrity, having to see more than 30 flashes per second every time a photographer spots them, probably makes them want to protect themselves. Seeing celebrities live in this world of excessive media coverage, I started to develop a mixed feeling of admiration and respect, but also pity, and finally detachment.

The Personalities are decomposed and re-assembled in an abstract composition, guided by my instinct and fed by what the model inspired in me.

This is a portrait of Jazz Jennings.

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2160 x 3840 px



Updates twice a day to reflect day / night cycles.

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(GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

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