The Student Debt Collector

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The Student Debt Collector



€ 737.163,10, is the total student debt of 25 art students who are graduating this year.

One has to take a loan for student housing. The other for tuition fees, and the cost for groceries, books and living expenses. We haven’t even touched on the expenses regarding healthcare and public transport. This all combined makes up our student debt. Every student carries enormous debts on their shoulders. Usually, this debt is invisible but with this artwork it is for the public to see and experience.

Summary Student debt is a major problem in many countries, such as the Netherlands. Due to these financial debts, we and many others have several problems, such as mental health, psychological complaints and disadvantages of applying for a mortgage.

The Student Debt Collector represents 25 art students with student debts. We want to make this major invincible problem visible with this NFT. We are almost graduated and ready for the next step. However, we start our career and work-life with a combined debt of € 737.163,10.

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