The Remixable Queen of Art

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The Remixable Queen of Art



She is always changing, she is one but 7776 times different, surrounded by a frame with various possible shades of color, but you can always recognize in her the traits of Leonardo's "Mona Lisa", Raffaello's "Dama col Liocorno", Botticelli's "La Nascita di Venere", Gustav Klimt's "Giuditta I", Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring" and Alfons Mucha's "The Rose".

The woman as a subject in the history of art: what can happen by putting the women of great masters of painting in a blender? How does her face appear, the whole of her gaze, her pose, and the set of colors and shapes which emotions arouses, what can it convey to a viewer in the 21st century?

Remixing the 5 main layers (the eyes, the mouths, hair, the bodies and the backgrounds of the masterpieces paintings) the owners are the real protagonists in the 'creative act', as the Master is an artwork that is always changeable, in different and renewable ways, to give shape to 'The Remixable Queen of Art' in a way that only a new medium like programmable art can achieve.

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1350 x 2160 px

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