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Subtractive Reality



Subtractive Reality, 2022 Original Edition, 1 of 1 Dynamic Art 1920x1080

Subtractive Reality is based on my original artwork 'Entangled Reality'. Released as part of my series: ONE - a contemplative journey into the unseen world around us.

Using a minimal amount of colors and a precise juxtaposition of shapes, each piece challenges the intricate ways in which the human eye perceives. The collection is inspired by the ephemeral and intangible moments of life: unspoken words and feelings that can't be encapsulated in a singular understanding.

Rather than replacing parts of the art, Subtractive Reality invites layer owners to collaborate and subtract layers from the piece itself, creating new and vibrant optical illusions. Any changes to the original piece will also be influenced by the previously inexistent background and controller, resulting in thousands of possible outcomes.

Ownable Layers

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1920 x 1080 px

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