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1937. As Spain War was at its apogee, Franco with his Nazi allies bombed civilians for the first time in the city of Guernica.

85 years later. As we could not imagine the comeback of a war at our borders; we see soldiers engaging in a war by bombing Mariupol, Kyiv and other cities, and millions of civilians are on the run, scattered over Europe away from their home they might never see again.

Because of the Emergency of the Situation, 38 artists decided to create a massive collaboration within 3 weeks.

'Mariupol' will be displayed during the Non-Fungible Conference on a giant screen wall. This will take place in Lisbon, Portugal in April 4-5 2022 and is created under the supervision of The Guild.

There is an emergency in Ukraine now, but more generally, the XXI Century seems to redefine the war as a new normal. Nobody can accept this in Ukraine or any other country, we need to do something, we need to act here and now!

All the funds and royalties will go to “Voices of Children” to bring psychological support to child victims of war.

Artists Involved:

Rutger van der Tas, 0xMJ, Shinji Akhirah, Jetski, Ytje Veenstra, ROBNESS, Skeenee, Mightymoose, jivinci, crashblossom, oficinastk, orabel, Jæn, emmavauloup, Shortcut, 8thproject, Louis16art, fabianospeziari, XERAK, abysms, carlasafe, Nino Arteiro, Magusz, dasNeves, BOOYASAN, Airco Caravan, GertJanAkerboom, LUVRworldwide, Marcotic, Niels Broszat, Tom Abbink, ejthek, Pule the dr, Sparrow, Miss al simpson, Angie Taylor, Agoria, Teto.

Supervision: The Guild: Rutger van der Tas, 0xMJ

Curators: John Karp, Benoit Couty and The Guild

Initiated by John Karp

First Exhibition : Non-Fungible Conference, Lisbon, Portugal

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2160 x 1512 px

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