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Of all of the obstacles we must overcome to build a flourishing community, it is the distance between us that demands the most energy but that also inspires and excites. Many of us have discovered new friends on the far side of the world, distance many will never traverse, physically, but that is digitally just seconds away. We build these relationships in a digital world. Not unlike the physical world, we also need to learn to cope with this digital distance.

This work is based on the series "Distance", Monotype prints in ink on paper. As an active member of the NFT community, I've discovered the many parallels between the physical and digital distances that impact our relationships; for better and worse. Not only are territorial distances that impact time zones but also cultural, generational and gender distances that must be carefully and thoughtfully navigated. Each of these have kept us separate from each other at times, everyone retreating to a safe distance, due to lack of mutual understanding. Here in the NFT space we've learned from each other's individual experiences, appreciating and inspiring everyone and inevitably reducing the distance between us.

That's how we are building a strong community and a better future.

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