Phase Space #1: Spiral Riders

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Master Artwork

Phase Space #1: Spiral Riders



The probability deserts of the outer arm tips are said to contain ancient treasures … Lost megastructures with time depth archeo-alignments beyond ken … Wisdom groves grown by mineral spirits in the form of crystalline fruit trees … Aetheric resonators assembled by nth-level intellects and operable by children … Achievements of bygone days, waiting there to be rediscovered ...

Master Sale Includes One (1) Free NFT Ticket Redeemable for a Physical Print of this piece. The state of the Master at Time-of-Redemption will be used to create the Physical Print. Details:

State of the Master at 10/1/2020 9:00PM PST will be used to inform choices available in Phase Space #2. Explore options and choose wisely!

Ownable Layers

6 (see below)


2048 x 2048 px