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In a random part of the universe where the stars shine bright, there is a place in which people come together and wait for a signal, to open and close some boxes. The meaning behind this phenomenon is still unknown.

SUMMARY Some Boxes is a social experiment about art ownership. The goal requires collectors to open and close their boxes when signaled to do so. Any collector that fails to comply with the rules will result in their box being permanently sealed with tape, removing that collectors ability to open or close their box forever.

BOX(CONTROL) This layer is the box at the top of the artwork. It’s used to signal Box(1) through to Box(20), when it's time to open or close their respective boxes. There are only 2 rules:

  • If Box(Control) is open, collectors must open their box.
  • If Box(Control) is closed, collectors must close their box. All collectors will have 48 hours from the transaction timestamps of any Box(Control) changes, to comply with these rules. The frequency of when Box(Control) opens or closes is currently unknown. Box(Control) cannot be purchased.

BOXES There are twenty boxes from Box(1) through to Box(20). Boxes can be opened or closed by their layer owners. The decision to open or close a box is decided by the owners, but signaled by Box(Control).

TAPE There are twenty tapes from Tape(1) through to Tape(20). Tape is used to permanently seal boxes when they fail to comply with any rules. There are four colors of tape: brown, white, black and gold. The color of tape used to seal a box will depend on how many other boxes were sealed before it. Once tape has been used to seal a box, that tape layer will be burnt, causing those boxes to be sealed forever. Tape layers cannot be purchased.

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