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Think Pink - #2 - Guilt to Remorse



This piece is part of a mental health awareness campaign called Think Pink, designed to help people spot, relate and understand the emotions they are feeling. Each piece of artwork is a representation of what the mind could project if one was experiencing that said emotion.

When it is daytime, this piece represents Guilt. When the sun sets and the moon rises, its state will change to Remorse.

GUILT: A feeling of culpability over an offence (either real or imagined). Mental response: Replaying what happened. Anxiety. Thoughts filled with self-loathing. Desiring to confess or share the pain or burden with another. Brooding, retreating inward, withdrawing from others. May escalate to: CONFLICTED, REGRET, SHAME, REMORSE

REMORSE: Distress resulting from guilt over wrongdoing; a desire to undo Mental response: Mentally berating oneself over an action or poor decision. Wanting to face consequences. Empathy for other parties and what they are going through. Obsessing over finding a way to repay the debt. May escalate to: SHAME, REGRET, DETERMINATION.

We struggle to talk about our emotions and our mental health. Through art and NFTs people and communities can come together to recognise and speak openly about their mental state.

Emotions are nothing to be ashamed of. We all have them.

Welcome to the movement that is... Think Pink.

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2040 x 2040 px



Updates twice a day to reflect day / night cycles.

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(GMT+00:00) Greenwich Mean Time : Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

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